Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Number 348 Route (Not)

For those of you with ‘fast’ computers and good capacity we are including a link to some films from the London Transport Museum Collection (also available on DVD).

Most of these are about the Tube, or Underground, and show not only what the system used to be like – pretty empty – but also show a very dated style of documentary filming. The recent BBC series about the Tube managed to be both informative and entertaining.

Without trains we would not get to some of our starting points, but this is a bus blog so if you prefer, the short  The Elephant Will Never Forget film records another jubilee this year – 60 years since the last tram, the Number 36 as it happens, ran into New Cross Bus garage. Even the veteran LWB do not really remember trams very clearly.

For those of you who really need a bus fix, the same page will offer you London on the Move, a 1970 tribute to London Transport’s tubes and buses.

Film geeks will know that the films’ producer, Edgar Anstey (1907-1987), was a very respected documentary maker, whose career started with John Grierson in the famous GPO Film Unit and included some years running the London office for the famous American series The March of Time before joining British Transport Films.

PS Thanks to Andrew for finding this link. 

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