Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Number 373 Route (Not)

I believe this was once a route between Upminster and Grays, Essex, which ran until 2007. It is no more.

In the spirit of the Olympics we offer you a London Bus disguised as a promotion for the forthcoming Brazilian Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, spotted at Crystal Palace apparently as the mobile HQ for Brazilian TV or LOCOG equivalent recording how it should or should not all be done.  (SHOULD: torch relays are fun; SHOULD NOT: using overpriced private security firms is not such a good idea.)

Also spotted several Welsh Police cars but that’s another story… 


  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but the Brazilians do not have a London bus. It is not possible to identify from your photo, but it looks very much a 1960s municipal example from another part of the country. Having a double deck bus painted red often means that the label of 'London' is erroneously added. The one used by a Czech artist as a moving sculpture doing press-ups was accorded similar provenance by virtue of its colour but was actually from the Isle of Wight.

    1. Thank you for this. One of the many, many wonderful things about buses is that people know so much about them.

  2. I saw this at South Ken on Saturday. It is FTE630B which is a Leyland Titan / East Lancs originally owned by Rawtenstall Corporation.