Monday, 30 July 2012

The Number 369 Route (not)

Well, this is a close run thing.  When we began our project, there was a 369, but by the time we reached its proper turn, it had gone, to be replaced by EL1.

According to Wikipedia, this is part of a new plan for a part segregated bus system, known as East London Transit.  Those of us who have travelled the segregated 'busway' from Cambridge to St Ives will watch with interest to see just how 'part segregated' things can become.

The other bus route which is directly affected by the new scheme, the 179, did not escape us!

Instead of a bus trip, therefore, here are the answers to the 63 Regular's challenging bus quiz, which we posted a few buses ago.
Actually, I think I'll put in the questions again too, to save you from having to go back through past buses:

1.     Which Hitchcock film inflicts an untimely end on a boy carrying what he thinks are some film cans on a double-decker bus?
2.     How many horsepower does Flanders and Swan’s ‘Transport of Delight’ boast?
3.     Which episode of the Harry Potter saga introduces the triple-decker Knight Bus?
4.     Which 1960s rock band found love sharing an umbrella at a ‘Bus Stop’?
5.     Which bus route did Radio presenter Geoff Lloyd defend at the Boring Conference in December 2010?
6.     What is the name of the bad-tempered double-decker bus character in the TV adaptation of Thomas the Tank Engine?
7.     According to conventional wisdom, how long is a blue whale, measured in double-decker buses?
8.     What was the route number on the blind of the bus which Cliff Richard and his mates drove across Europe on their Summer Holiday?
9.     Which mod rock band sang about a ‘Magic Bus’?
10.   How fast do Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have to keep the bus moving to stop Dennis Hopper’s bomb going off in Speed?

And here are the answers
1.     Sabotage
2.     97
3.     3 – HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4.     The Hollies
5.     23
6.     Bulgy
7.     3
8.     9
9.     The Who
10.   50 mph

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