Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Number 5 Route

23 March 2009
Having discovered the history behind the fact that the 5 does not go through any part of central London, Linda and I met at Canning Town tube station and
took advantage of the facilities.

We then set off eastwards
. Our journey took us past some remarkably fine town halls (in Newham and Barking) some wonderful allotments in Barking (black polythene much in evidence to kill the weeds) and roundabouts embellished with handsome street art. It took us 90 minutes to arrive in Romford, and we walked through the town, spoiled, we thought, by too many shopping halls and malls, which meant there was no focus; and the Market Place was more a car park than anything else, though with the odd reminder of its past.
To follow our route, go to Tfl Journey Planner, enter 'Canning Town Station' as the start and 'Romford Market' as the end, remove all options except 'bus', click on 'search' and then on 'view' for a single bus option; now select the map and then the wizard. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our return journey took us along the entire routes of two other buses, about which you will learn at the proper time


  1. My mum's photo on a blog-would you Adam and Eve it?!
    I am enjoying following your journeys. I think you need a map. Would be nice to see the routes you are taking and how much of London you are gradually covering!
    Keep up the good work. Long wait till you hit any of the numbers I'm familiar with.....

  2. There is no map that would fit on any screen, but inspired by your comment, Little Gooner, I have now added the instructions which enable you to follow the whole route on TfL journey planner, with a little toy bus...
    The 4 did go past the Emirates, as it happens.

  3. This is a fascinating blog, thank you for doing this. Romford Market is only open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is an extremely busy and thriving one. In the run up to Christmas there are extra markets (possibly up to every day, but it's been a few years since I worked there).