Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Number 1 route

On 5 March (Catharine's Birthday) I set off to do the first route: I met Mary at Canada Water, and we travelled to New Oxford Street. Unfortunately we were so busy chatting that we did not watch the passing scenery too closely: but we did notice the huge difference between SE London, where the Luftwaffe did a lot of clearance, and North of the Thames, where there are many more old buildings.

To follow our route, go to Tfl Journey Planner, enter 'Canada Water Bus Station' as the start and Tottenham Court Road Station as the end, remove all options except 'bus', click on 'search' and then on 'view' for a single bus option; now select the map and then the wizard (sorry, but even my blog can't store a direct link to these routes)


  1. The route planner will only work so long as the bus route remains the same!

  2. A few years late as a comment but TFL's website has a bus map now. This is number 1 route from Canada Water to Tottenham Court Road providing the route hasn't changed since then.