Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Number 4 Route

21 March 2009. For the first time, my travelling companions, the people from Burbage, were passengers who needed to pay! We made our way to Waterloo, though sunny Saturday London: a man in a kilt was a reminder of what would be happening at Twickenham later. The Number 4 arrived promptly, and then we took a looping route, which took in the Courts of Justice and St Paul's Cathedral before heading north. We passed the path to the Millennium Bridge and the Firefighters' memorial .
The river was again looking beautiful in the sun. It took us about an hour to get to Archway, through Clerkenwell, all the way up Upper Street, past Finsbury Park and Arsenal and enjoyed
some sharp turns and narrow roads, in part caused by diversions. Arriving at Archway, we walked round the corner to Stop U, and caught the 17 to return to London Bridge: but the story of that ride is for another day. Try this to see why we did not linger at Archway!

To follow our route, go to Tfl Journey Planner, enter ' Waterloo Station' as the start and 'Archway' as the end, remove all options except 'bus', click on 'search' and then on 'view' for a single bus option; now select the map and then the wizard (sorry, but even my blog can't store a direct link to these routes)