Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Number 2 Route

It's 11 March. My co-travellers being unavailable (Mary, boiler trouble, Linda, house guests) I set off to Marylebone Station, and got on the Number 2 bus. Just over an hour later I arrived at West Norwood Bus Garage.

I had shared the first part of the trip with a pleasant, chatty couple who had once lived in London, and talked busily as we passed the memorial to the animals at war, Hyde Park Corner, Buckingham Palace and all.

They got off at Vauxhall Bridge, and the clientele gradually changed as we went through Stockwell and Brixton. I was surprised to pass 'Walberswick Street'.
To see where I went, go to Tfl Journey Planner, enter 'Marylebone Station' as the start and West Norwood Bus Station as the end, remove all options except 'bus', click on 'search' and then on 'view' for a single bus option; now select the map and then the wizard (sorry, but even my blog can't store a direct link to these routes)

At West Norwood, I strolled up Knight's Hill and got on a 68 (West Norwood to Euston) The first part of the journey was enlivened by three young people of East Asian origin, each of whom had two mobile phones (or a phone and a blackberry) and talked excitedly into both (or all 6) My language skills aren't good enough to know if it was an emergency or just chat. South London was showing signs of the economic downturn (where isn't?)
When the driver announced that he would be terminating at Russell Square I got off and waited for the one behind, choosing Waterloo Road near the Old Vic as my change stop. The route was further east that the 2, through posh Herne Hill

And so to Euston, about an hour from West Norwood, and home to lunch.

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