Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Number 494 & 495 Routes (Not)

Again with thanks to E-Plates we have learnt that these were outer London routes – the 494 running between Oxted and East Grinstead and the 495 closer to where we were last week on the 492, namely from Northfleet to the Christianfields Estate, which would appear to be a mixed estate of council owned and privately owned Wates-style houses in Gravesend. 

For those of you who want them, here are the answers to the quiz set in the posting for
The Number 475 Route (not):

1.  Route 66;
2.  The Master Builder;
3.  Wagon Master;
4.  Roots;
5.  Master and Commander;
6.  US Masters;
7.  Root beer;
8.  Masterblaster;
9.  Masters of War;
10.  Levi Roots;
11.  The Master-Singers of Nuremberg;
12.  Bat Masterson;
13.  Amanda Root;
14.  View-Master;
15.  The Master and Margarita;
16.  The root of all evil;
17.  Nature's great masterpiece;
18.  The Demon Headmaster;
19.  Root canal work;
20.  Masterchef.

And here, for the fans of the bus that inspired the quiz, is a link to the website of the Routemaster Association, from which we have borrowed the picture 

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  1. The 494 went from West Croydon to Shirley.