Monday, 31 December 2012

The Number 475 Route (not)

We can find no trace of a 475 bus route closer than Bury Lancs, or Ontario, Canada, so I will just mention that Arriva said in its recruitment publicity in October, that a driver can earn £475  in a five day week, and move on....

One of the Ladies Who Bus, Jo, has been compiling an annual Christmas Quiz for family and friends, not to mention ex-pupils who remember it from their schooldays, and their families, ditto. This has been going on for 41 years. (Pause for impressed intake of breath…) 

She accepts guest sections, and so, to fill in this latest non-route posting, here is a bus-related section contributed to the 2012 quiz by the husband of another LWB, the 63 Regular. 

In this section, all the answers contain (maybe in the plural or phonetically) one or other part of the name of London’s most iconic, if outdated, bus: 

1. The highway that winds from Chicago to LA 
2. A late play by Henrik Ibsen 
3. A 1950 John Ford film 
4. Alex Haley’s quest for his ancestors 
5. A novel by Patrick O’Brian, later filmed with Russell Crowe 
6. The golf tournament held annually in Augusta, GA 
7. An American soft drink 
8. A 1980 track by Stevie Wonder 
9. A 1963 protest song by Bob Dylan 
10. The Dragon’s Den contender behind a spicy cooking sauce 
11. An opera by Wagner 
12. A US Marshal who ended up as a journalist in New York 
13. The British actress who has played roles in both ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Persuasion’ 
14. The child’s toy for viewing 3-D discs, launched in 1939 
15. A novel by Mikhail Bulgakov 
16. The love of money… 
17. John Donne’s opinion of an elephant 
18. The protagonist of a series of children’s books by Gillian Cross 
19. A much-feared dental procedure 
20. The culinary TV show first aired in 1990 

 Answers, for those who want them, will be provided in a future blog posting. If anyone would like a sight of the full 250-question 2012 quiz, please let us know – with an email address – by way of a comment and we will forward you the PDF.

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