Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Number 435 Route - Not

The Number 435 used to run from Southall to Heathrow, but was abolished  in March 2008 as part of the rearranging of travel that came with the opening of Terminal 5.  There's a great picture of one here. We are always pleased to know why and when a bus has disappeared, and we do check that they have not reappeared since we started the project.  It's especially sad when a double decker goes, as the views from single deckers are not as good, and the windows often dirtier, being nearer to the road splashing.

 Of course one of the things you see more clearly from the top floor is front gardens.  Sometimes we have seen beautiful front gardens, sometimes the odd wonderful plant, like the ceanothus and wisteria we glimpsed from the 15 all those years ago.  And sometimes we have enjoyed displays of garden ornaments, but passed too quickly to get the camera ready for gnomes, ducks, abstract forms or whatever.

There are times when the teacher in me mutters 'could do better' but of course people are busy and cutting the grass and controlling the shrubs may be all there is time for.

What we like least is the totally hardened front garden, though of course if you live on a busy road, which is a bus route, the only other option would be to sell the car.

There are rules about this, dating back to 2008, when the government, worried about flooding, tried to ensure that only permeable materials were used, but newspapers go on reporting the problem, like the Telegraph earlier in 2012.

And public spending cuts are likely to lead to less enforcement rather than more, so those of us lucky to have Freedom Passes and therefore use our cars less (or indeed, not at all) can't really go all pompous about wanting pretty gardens to enjoy on our bus rides

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