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The Number 329 Route

Monday 2 November 2009

This post is a new experience for us and our readers.  Linda inadvertently travelled it a second time, this time in the other direction, much more recently that the trip reported here, and in the other direction, so  her version is above.  Near the beginning of the project, someone asked whether we would be doing each route from end to end in both directions, and we answered a resounding 'no'.  But this is an exception.  Now, back to 2009.

Less that 5 minutes after getting off the 192, we were onto our last of 5 buses of this epic trip, heading towards Turnpike Lane.  We had started, in number order, rather than journey order, with the 41, 143, 189 and 192.

I was mortified to spot the 317, which also starts and stops at Little Park Gardens, Enfield, but Linda kindly pointed out that even with my planning there was no way to do three buses from the same point in one seamless journey.  We shall return (and indeed, have returned).

We went round the shopping centre and past the handsome new library before emerging into the smart houses of Enfield Chase, and heading rapidly down London Road. We met the New River again (the weblink is for those of you who have forgotten!) at Green Dragon Lane, and then we were into Winchmore Hill and N21 with the New River running alongside the road. We were already into Green Lanes as we reached Palmers Green, with its 'Spin City' Launderette, and the Alfred Herring Pub.  For once I have found you a good source of information about the name, rather than the pub which is a Wetherspoons and so anyway has a few details.

We also passed a tobacconist's, but were uncertain whether the name was a promise that smokers get to heaven sooner than the rest of us.  Crossing the North Circular brought us into Haringey (thanks to the people who explained to us why the spellings varied)  and the College of North East London and past the magnificent War Memorial and the Nexx Level Caribbean Eatery.

And so to Wood Green Shopping City and Turnpike Lane Station (again...) by 15.05, making it a much quicker five bus marathon than our earlier one.

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