Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Number 323 Route

Tuesday 27 April 2010 

This was a little bus and a short route, but none the less enjoyable for that.  It was our link bus (Linda, Mary and me) to get us from Canning Town, where the 69 had brought us, and Mile End Station, since Linda and I had a fancy to try the 205, the bus route which passes about 20 stations:  but you know all about that already.

We boarded our bus shortly after 11.35.  There was only one other passenger, a postal worker returning to the East London Distribution Centre, where he was replaced by a single other passenger.

Our driver set off at a rapid pace, along the aptly named Stephenson Street, 
paralleling the railway before going over a bridge and returning along the other side.  Then we turned into the large and leafy business park, and came to the London Gas Museum.  This area must have been horrible in the late nineteenth century, when the great Beckton Gasworks was making coal gas for most of London, and the air must have been hard to breathe.

Soon we were over the River Lea, with its locks and attractive bankside houses, and into Bromley by Bow.  St Andrew’s Hospital is rapidly becoming apartments, and Devons Road DLR Station is having works to enable the longer trains.  A new community school is going up:  we wondered what would happen to the major school building programmes we have seen across London, after the election next week. (And now we know, but this is not the place for comment of a political nature, now it is?)

Bow Common Road  brought us to Bow Common, and the Regent’s Canal, and we had arrived at Mile End, 17 minutes after leaving Canning Town.

Mary decided to leave us to get back to her allotment.

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