Monday, 5 March 2012

The Number 304 Route

Routes that do not exist are going to come thick and fast from now on, but we feel we should mark the gaps, to prevent our readers thinking we have not been thorough.

The only 304 we can find anywhere in the London area is the one that runs from St  Albans to Hitchin, and is a Hertfordshire bus.  This website refers to it as ‘the rare 304’, so I’m glad it falls outside the project’s remit.

The Evening Standard on 1 March had a brief story about someone who has completed all London’s bus routes in just 60 days, so perhaps we should make clear that we are not in a rush.  One day a week is what we choose to spare from our other activities and responsibilities, and we like to look around, take the photos, and share, via this blog, what we have seen.  But we do congratulate Mr Black.

The hiatus in bus numbers enables us also to say a formal thank you to Tim, who does clever things on the blog which his mother and aunt would find difficult (despite Tim’s mantra, which is ‘try looking in “help”’)  He put in the counter, the index and the link to the tfl site which people find so useful, and he recently made the whole thing look pretty, and made a little bus appear on the tab.   

We also very much appreciate the kindness of the 63 regular, as Linda mentioned on the ‘301-not’ post:  logoed hoodies, logoed notebooks, music about buses, what more could a wife, cousin or sister desire?


  1. The 304 is, as you say, outside your remit. It is not so rare in Herts - 7 a day each way, I think, in the week - and quite a nice route from Hitchin to St Albans.


  2. The 304 ran from Kingsbury Circle through Fryent country park to I think Park Royal. It was scrapped in 1994.