Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Number 311 Route - not

This is the first time we have had two sequential non-existent buses.  But it won't be the last, as they come (or don't come) thick and fast soon.

There are 311 buses in the wider London area, just not TfL buses in our sense of the term.  There is the 311 which runs between Enfield and Hertford.

Then strangely, Mullany's of Watford has numbered their Harry Potter Bus as a 311.  I remember when.... no, you don't need to know about Mullany coaches and school trips from Watford, do you?

But it does bring me to what we wanted to share with you this week, namely three amusing advertisements from Belgium via Youtube.  Of course when they say bus we would say coach, in the sense of group travel, rather than in the sense of sport, where we would use coach (or train, indeed, though with no transport meaning) to suggest teaching.

Gosh, language can be difficult.  Anyway, click here or here or here to be entertained (do have the sound on), and thank you Nina, who sent them to me.

Normal bus service will be resumed with the 312



  1. Back in the 1970s, Watford's number 311 bus used to run through the town centre and out to Leavesden Aerodrome. The new bus to the Harry Potter Studios is simply reviving the route number.

  2. 310/1 only runs from Waltham Cross to Hertford and does not enter the TFL area. Last time it ran to Enfield was xmas eve 2005. Hope this clears up any confusion.