Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Number 296 Route

Romford Station to Ilford
Monday March 23rd 2009

Rather a dull spring day with a chill wind getting up, noticeable as we ‘crossed’ what was left of Romford Market (where the Number 5 see MUCH earlier) had left us, back to Romford Station to board this single decker. It whirled out of Romford, from which we felt the heart had been removed, and soon found itself on the A12 belting along in a most unbus like fashion. Clearly the passengers were all very local and knew each other. The bus turned off up Billet Road round a very large estate of ?late Fifties (we’re guessing here – no local knowledge) houses, the road forming some kind of firm boundary with the Green Belt as to our left were fields and agriculture. The bus then rejoined the A12 and was obviously designed to get people to the Central Line tube stations we proceeded to pass (Newbury Park & Gants Hill*) before negotiating itself into Ilford and leaving us at a large Sainsbury’s. 
* According to its website: 'Gant's Hill not just a roundabout between Romford and Ilford’. Pause for thought.

As you will see our visit predated the massive road works round the station, which at the time of posting are complete.

PS. You may well wonder at the short account and lack of photos – what can I say? Look at the date when we travelled. It was only my second outing for ‘The Project,’ Jo having ridden the Numbers 1, 2 and 4 alone or with other people. Our camera batteries had probably expired as we were badly prepared in those days (one camera between two). Also, I suspect we doubted at Route 5 stage whether we would ever get to such a high number. Well we have. Somebody suggested we should re-do it. We think not.

As compensation I have prepared a collage of buses from the last 50 routes. I could have borrowed pictures of Ilford and Romford from elsewhere but here you go.     

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  1. Love your blog!
    As you can see on, I am just as mad as you, although I focus more on the Tube. In general that is, 'cos not seldom I can be seen taking a picture of a bus. Any bus. As long as it's a London one.
    Are you London girls?