Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Number 192 Route

Monday 2 November 2009

Although this bus serves much the same area as the 191, we travelled it a long time ago, when we were in the forties (bus 40s not our 40s, obviously)  and it was the end of a rather lengthy journey:

Linda and I stepped off the 41 at Tottenham Hale Station, and within a couple of minutes, at 13.35, were aboard the 192, headed for Enfield.  We were pleased to see that a young mother with a charming baby who had been on the 143 and the whole of the 41 was also boarding the 192.  Could it be, we wondered, that she too had a plan for the buses?  But we did not ask, and she did not travel the whole way with us.

We skirted the Lea Valley (or Lee Valley) Technopark, and then looped into the enormous Edmonton Ikea, where many people got off.

This was my first experience of a 'hail and ride' bus, though Linda had encountered them before.  Clearly people know where the bus will stop, because we never picked up single people, but always groups.

We travelled past the huge agglomeration of cemeteries, including the Federation of Synagogues burial area

Our route took us past industrial streets mixed with residential area, lots of new flats, and into Edmonton Green with its tall housing blocks. 

There was a wide choice of religious venues, big Anglican Churches as well as the ICC House of Prayer  and the Bush Hill Primitive Methodists 
As we came to Edmonton Green's Bus Station, we admired the fine row of terrace housing along the main road, and then turned left to cross the A10 and reach Bush Hill Park Station.  A further Hail and Ride section took us north and west.

We had been in Haringey, but now we entered EN1 and left the London Post Code area. Passing Enfield Town Station, we encountered the New River before sweeping round the Palace Gardens Shopping Centre to reach Little Park Gardens at 14.25. 

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