Friday, 1 January 2010

The Project – UPDATE

Start of a New Year and we are close to the Jubilee number namely Route 50 of our Project so it seemed a good occasion to look back and forward.

We had always meant to ride the buses, in their entirety and in sequence; if another complete route is possible as part of the outing, we do that. Hence we sometimes post routes ‘we have prepared earlier’. The blog came as something of an afterthought – the pictures were to prove we had been there (as opposed to sitting in John Lewis and chatting) and one thing led to another.

But the real stars have been the buses, or more specifically their drivers. Without exception the driving has been safe, measured and mostly to time (I know we travel out of the rush hour mainly and commuters may have a different view); the drivers are courteous to passengers and other road users and they manage to stay patient when traffic clogs round major thoroughfares. The other star is London – what a privilege to cross the river on the top deck – earth truly has nothing to show more fair – and so varied. We have been to areas known to us previously only from maps, and everywhere there is something to see. We have also noted that people are both possessive and protective of ‘their’ bus routes so if we have been less than complimentary please don’t take it personally. Some routes are routine.

We are assuming that the lower numbers are by and large the central London routes and we have far more of suburbia to go but at this point, our spirit of adventure and persistence remain undimmed so ho for the next 50 routes and bring it on…

Our 1st anniversary will happen in mid -March, when the weather should be better, so we may invite any followers who wish to join us on a round trip.

PS Two of our followers (63 regular abetted by Little Gooner) have kindly taken the time to prepare a logo for us, which appears to the right. Watch this space for other applications and thanks for their support.


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