Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Number 33 Route

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Just back from getting to know Nicholas, still a bit too young for bus trips (as Gore Vidal said,'Never have children, only grandchildren'), Mary and I travelled on the first 'small' bus in the numerical list. The 33 starts from the lower garage at Hammersmith, and wends its way southwards to Fulwell, a place unknown to us until today. Departing at 11.20, we headed over Hammersmith Bridge, with happy memories of the good times when it was pedestrian-and- cycling-only, and down through the green Castelnau area to Barnes and Roehampton. The Upper Richmond Road was slow, thanks to London's Victorian watermains, so we had time to look around. We passed Holmes and Daughters, the Funeral Directors, and also Hickey's Almshouses before reaching the narrow, attractive streets of central Richmond, and dropping on on Richmond Bus garage, before moving on over Richmond Bridge. We agreed that we did not feel particularly 'north of the river' as we passed Marble Hill, with streets and restaurants named for the local poet, Alexander Pope. (here are some quotations for you)
We spent a few minutes passing through Teddington, before reaching Fulwell Bus Garage after a 70 minute journey.

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