Monday, 24 October 2016


Great George Street, SW1P 3AA

Friday 21 October

Although the Institution of Civil Engineers is not on our original list, the opportunity to see the longest LEGO bridge in the world was not one to be missed. 
Sadly Roger was not with us any more so the only photos are from my phone.  The Institution is housed in a magnificent building,  and the exhibition is up in the handsome library. The LEGO bridge is merely the centrepiece of an exhibition about bridges of all kinds and their crucial role in the whole history of mankind.

The LEGO Bridge is indeed magnificent, and is flanked by time-lapse footage of its construction as well as interviews with the many builders, and some discussion of problems of stress and load bearing.

Other displays of iconic bridges, and brief biographies of noted bridge builders were of interest to the grandparents in the party.  There was also an opportunity to try some VR goggles, which took the wearer down into the tube system.

But at the end of the room, with comfortable chairs for adults, was a treasure trove of construction LEGO and that is where some of the party settled, while others enjoyed the exhibition.

The staff were very friendly and helpful:  I believe they have not previously had children dropping in other than as school groups, and we had a very good time.  We also had fish and chips in the pleasant restaurant in the lower ground floor

It's only open to the public on weekdays:  how fortunate that half term is here.

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