Friday, 21 August 2015

Novelty Automation

Novelty Automation
1a Princeton St

Thursday 20 August 2015

With the other two busy, and being just along the road in Princeton Street, I thought I would revisit the wonderful toys at 1a.  Unfortunately, although I waited 15 minutes, the doors did not open at the promised time.  But I thought I might describe what fun Tim and I had some months ago when we first went. If you think this is cheating, stop reading now. I'm not going to say much, as other, better bloggers have been: here's Diamond Geezer's version, for example

Those of us who have known Southwold for more than 60 years enjoy Tim Hunkin's clock on the pier, so it's great to have some more mad examples close at hand.  Tim and I loved 'Pet or Meat':  a family with its sweet little pet lamb.  You spin the dial to see whether or not it finishes up for Sunday lunch with the same family tucking in happily. By the way, the picture in the window purports to show Jamie Oliver having a go, just as the 'Mad Dog' game has Nigel Farage putting his hand into the ravening beasts cage.

The game Tim and I enjoyed most was the money laundering.  You scoop up a load of cash, and try to get it to the top of a Canary Wharf tower block without the regulators stopping you. We thought the game was probably harder than financiers seem to manage in real life...

Meanwhile, you can try the weight loss idea, or if you really want some exercise, find a friend and play cycle-pong. Or visit the Small Hadron Collider to learn about the God particle, or place your foot into a chiropodist machine, or...  but you should try it for yourselves

Entry is free, but stinginess would mean that you could only watch others and not play. Tokens are £8.00 for 10, so you can easily fill 30 minutes.   

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