Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Advance Notice: That’s all Folks!

Followers of this blog over the past five years will realise that we are nearly at the end.  We estimate that there will be two more ‘W’ trips: the first, to mop up the W13 and the W14, all around Woodford; and the second to take us from Hackney Central (or yessss! as we Overground people say) to Walthamstow on the W15 and out again on our last remaining W bus back to Ilford, which we have visited often, since as long ago as the 25.

Then there is the slightly less than exciting – in the sense that other routes cover every inch of its journey – X28 from West Croydon to Heathrow; and finally the X68.  This is a commuter bus: it runs early in the morning from West Croydon to Russell Square, and then only runs back in the mid afternoon:  fine by us, especially as real workers will not be catching the first one.  So, as a fitting end to our bus Odyssey, we shall catch the 15.50.  We think this historic trip will be early in February, probably the 5th or 6th, but this will become clearer in a few weeks.

There are several reasons for this post:

    1)   to say that if anyone would like to join us on the X68 to mark our last end-to-end bus ride, that would be lovely.  You will recognise us by the logoed hoodies, notebooks, cameras and our genteel-but-determined wish to reach the front upstairs seats;

    2)   to point out that it’s not really all, as we intend to travel the three tram routes of Croydon from end to end;

3)   indeed, we may write a few posts reflecting on the whole experience;

4)   to say that we are open to ideas for a further set of weekly outings by public transport.  We are considering visiting every museum in London: we understand from Wikipedia that there are more than 240 of them, which will last us a while.  As Tim says: a single letter change would make us the Ladies who Mus.  But some of you may have other thoughts, which you are welcome to share with us.

Of course we shall still be travelling on buses:  just not end-to-end, except perhaps the 63 which links all of us, or the P4 which is useful if you are in Brixton and want to be in Lewisham.

And we have had amazing amounts of fun and seen a lot of changes.  For instance, I now live along a route using the new design of bus.


  1. I have loved your blog ever drive a friend referred me to it about 4 years ago - and I owe you big-time for alerting me to the existence of the 60-plus bus pass, otherwise I should still be paying fares and swearing at not being able to get my Freedom pass for another 3 1/2 years! Would love to join you on the X68 if at all possible.

  2. That should read "ever since", of course.

  3. Since I stumbled upon it, your blog has been one of my absolute favourites.

    You're right that the X26 (once the more humble Green Line 726) won't be much fun. I've got it a few times from Worcester park to Kingston in the last few months and it's odd being on a bus that only stops once every 10 minutes at a few select stops - that's not how buses should be. It's always heaving with suitcased folk going to Heathrow too, so rarely any regular passengers.

    Would love to be on your X68 journey, but I'll probably be at work, alas.

  4. Have you already traversed the W16 as that sits between the W15 and W19 buses in the master list of routes?

    In addition to covering all of the Museums you could do something like visitings all the Parks and Lidos in London or all the Fire Stations in London (bar the 10 that close in two days time). Almost all of those are accessible by buses (one is a bit of walk from the nearest bus route at Hayes). You could, of course, go back and fill in those bits where routes have changed like buses through the Olympic Park plus the upcoming change to the 255 and S1 services.

    The X26 is not so horrendous really as it can get up a decent turn of speed but it can be very busy over some sections such as Croydon to Sutton.

    I can't claim to have read all of your blog posts but have enjoyed those I have read. All credit to you for covering the entire network. I might see you for the X68 trip - never done that route ;-)

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  6. X68...now that is a route i have been on. only a couple of times though. your blog has been a joy to read

  7. Ladies, (and occasional gent), your travels have been a joy to read. I'm sorry they are nearly over. Thank you!

  8. Have greatly enjoyed reading your blog. I've done a "mini-version" of your travels - this involved riding each bus for at least one stop, so each time you complain about the waiting time I can sympathise (notable points include missing the 389 twice, and the R5 by about 3 seconds).

    By the way, the X68 covers one of two routes between Waterloo and West Norwood, depending on how the driver is feeling that day (one as advertised on the map, and one through Kennington and Brixton - which seems to be more popular, and was indeed the one I ended up on). Just something to bear in mind.

  9. Have greatly enjoyed your blog and experiencing the joys of London bus travel vicariously and far more comfortably than in real life. Well done and thank you!

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  11. Only found the blog a few months so still a lot of catching up, good luck on whatever you do next. I'm currently walking all the streets in SE9.

  12. How about crossing all the London bridges by foot!

  13. Due to possible disruption mid-week there has been a change of plan. We shall now be riding the X68 from Russell Square to East Croydon on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 2014 leaving at 15.50.