Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Routes PR1/PR2 (NOT)

Willesden Junction to Fryent Way (Wembley) 

On the whole we have not been blogging entries for ‘missing routes’ as through the letter prefixes there are too many of these; in addition to permanent numbering gaps routes come and go, are split and joined as local needs increase or diminish.

However faced with a three-week lull and the PR2 appeared on our original project-planning master list I thought I should track it down. The mystery is not that it no longer runs but rather what it was doing on our list of 2009 altogether, given that it had been discontinued by then. I quote, with thanks, Ian Armstrong of London Bus Routes History:
‘I have done my research and the route was actually withdrawn in March 2007, the whole route being absorbed into the Current 226.’

The 206 also comes close. 
Fryent Way is a stretch of wide fast road ostensibly linking Wembley and Kingsbury but strangely devoid of London Bus Routes. It is a country park and may be there is wish to preserve the rural feel  but without a car access is difficult.  I presume the PR stood for Park Royal or even Preston Road.

PS We shall not be riding any buses until mid-September due to a combination of jam-making, birthdays weddings and visits out of London, but will be back for a run of 10 or so routes round Orpington

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  1. It's the PR1 that was withdrawn in March 2007 - it ran between Willesden Junction and Ealing Broadway, and was replaced by an extension of the 226.

    The PR2 (Willesden Junction - Wembley Park) was withdrawn much more recently, in October 2011, which is why it was on your original list. It was mostly replaced by extending the 206 and 224.