Monday, 19 April 2010

The Number 68 Route

Wednesday 11 March 2009

This route was travelled more than a year from the moment of its posting on the blog, as it was the return route from West Norwood, following the outward trip on the 2.

I was on my own, since both the other 'ladies who bus' were still in gainful employment.  A short walk from West Norwood bus garage brought me to Knight's Hill and a brief wait saw me on board the 68, which forked right almost immediately to take me up the Norwood Road and so to Herne Hill and Tulse Hill.

After both King's College Hospital and the Maudsley, we were into the Walworth Road and to Elephant and Castle,  I had thought that West Norwood was down Croydon way, rather than being north of Streatham, so was impressed by the speediness of the whole thing.  Of course going into London, even outside the rush hour, was slower than coming out had been, but not much.

After Elephant and Castle we were quickly to Waterloo Bridge, passing the Necropolis Railway Station  (do you think the story that the platform bar had a sign that said 'spirits served here' is a myth?) Waterloo Bridge may not have Wordworth, but it does have Wendy Cope.

We rounded Aldwych, with barely time to notice the pretty medallions decorating the Indian High Commission, and headed up Kingsway and through Boomsbury. There was the promising sight of Russell Square with many buses we have yet to take, and passing Tavistock Square always gives us the chance to think of the people who were on the Number 30 bus on 7 July 2005.
And so to Euston, well within the advertised 57 minutes for this time of day.

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  1. It's South, not West, Norwood that's "down Croydon way". You'll see it when you do the 75.