Friday, 5 March 2010

The Number 59 Route

Tuesday 30 November 2009

This was our way back from the 45, and Linda, Mary and I began with a brief walk, made longer by my inadequacies with the A-Z, to reach Streatham Hill, and climb onto a nice new bus at about 11.30. The weather had picked up a bit, after earlier rain, and we had some flashes of blue sky.

Brixton has a number of up-to-date venues, like the White Horse and the Fridge, but also the lovely St Matthew's Church. Our route took us along Kennington Park Road, past attractive houses and the industrial units at Kennington Corner. We liked 'Art in Hair' and were pleased to see that Lambeth has winter hanging baskets to cheer up the next few months. Little did we know when we made this journey that 'cheering up' would still be necessary by March 2010.

Past the Imperial War Museum and over Waterloo Bridge, we headed steadily northwards, noting the plaque where the Civil Engineers had their training college, and admiring the Russell Hotel. The former Social Security building in Woburn Place is now up for sale, while the new building for Unison, along the Euston Road where the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital was, is coming along nicely. And so to St Pancras and King's Cross, within the hour as promised.

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