Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Number 22 Route

27 July 2009 Slight (or, as we seasoned bus travellers like to say, refreshing) rain today when Linda and I met just a step along Piccadilly at the Number 22 start. It was all very posh, as we passed Fortnums, de Beers and the Ritz. We were held up for some minutes by an Addison Lee minicab (LT57HNX so you can all avoid him) in the junction box that crosses the bus lane. Where are the police? The cameras?

Around Hyde Park Corner, and I assured Linda I would not mention the war memorials, and then past the ugly Park Tower Hotel and Casino and onto Sloane Street, enjoying a glimpse of attractive, if private, Cadogan Square with its David Wynne sculpture, ‘Dancer with Birds’ This was the first of many private square gardens glimpsed on this journey through posh London. And we do mean posh: Sloane Square has Tiffany and Cartier next door to each other; Linda thought that the streets were not busy because customers arrive by appointment and in taxis!

The Chelsea Potter was one of the few pubs we passed, but we were impressed by the Methodist Church’s mosaics, and the frontage of Chelsea Old Town Hall, where Andrew and I once heard Matt Hunt play.
After last week’s dearth, we saw a Blue Plaque for Sir Carol Reed in Argyll Street, but it’s not an English Heritage Plaque
The winding New King’s Road showed clear evidence of its former ‘country lane’ status, and we were glad we were not on a bendy bus. Then it was on down the Fulham Palace Road, and over Putney Bridge, to turn right along the Embankment past what we thought was a rather ill-judged Thai Square Restaurant. Passing Will’s Art Warehouse we reached Putney Common at just after 11.00, having again taken the time specified on the timetable

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