Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Number 10 Route

Monday 20 April 2009
Mary and I barely had time to survey the wonders of Hammersmith Upper Bus Station before hopping onto a 10, admiring the driver's very cool hat on the way. It was about 11.25. Hammersmith was very slow, presumably because of whatever had shut the flyover, so we had time to observe not just Marco Pierre White's Belvedere Restaurant but also a blue plaque to Alma Cogan (don't miss the juke box if you click the link!) We also passed Capita's Offices. They were bidding to run the SATs, since obviously controlling the Congestion Charge is just the qualification needed for organising school exams.
The route was the same as the 9 until we got to Hyde Park Corner, and then it was up Park Lane (lovely tulips), and along Oxford Street for the umpteenth time. We again noticed the slow progress on that huge building site opposite Selfridges, so this time I have found out why: it's all been in the hands of the lawyers. Past the 100 Club and up Tottenham Court Road and so through Euston Station and to King's Cross, and home to lunch in the sunny garden.

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